Images in infectious diseases

Explore this often vivid, always educational series of infectious diseases images.

Enlarged intraabdominal lymphnodes - Engl. - 3/2018

Erythema multiforme during therapy with telaprevir - Engl. - 4/2018

Skull base osteomyelitis - Engl. - 5/2018

Ebola-Congo-Outbreak -Engl. - 6/2018
Hemorrhagic-varicella in immunocompromised patient - Engl. - 7/8/2018

Ebola Congo Outbreak Vaccination - Engl. - 9/2018

Nocardia brain abscesses - Engl. - 9/2018

Dirofilariasis dancing - Engl. - 10/2018

Neuromelioidosis - A lifelong remembrance of Thailand - Engl. - 11/2018

Psoas abscess - possible cause of low back pain - Engl. - 12/2018

Tetanus originating from ulcerated breast cancer - Engl. - 3/2019

Ignatzschineria indica sepsis in patients with myiasis - Cro. - 4/2019 - VIDEO

Campylobacter jejuni shunt meningitis - Engl. - 10-11/2019 -







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Clinical cases

Students, residents, infectious disease specialist, clinical microbiologists or anyone wanting to refresh their clinical competence in infectious diseases can test their knowledge through these cases.

The aim of these clinical cases is to present real and typical clinical scenarios, discuss findings and management in the light of current recommendations and guidelines and follow the clinical course of the case.


Mononucleosis - Engl. - 3/2018

Child with visceral leishmaniasis - Cro.; Child with Blastocystis hominis and cystic cystitis - Cro. - 4/2018

ECCO2R in ARDS treatment - Cro. - 4/2018

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Meningococcal meningitis - Engl. - 4/2018

Pneumonic tularemia - Cro. - 4/2018

Teratoma and enterocolitis - Engl. - 5/2018

Rare bacteriaemia in toddler - Cro. - 6/2018

Renal cancer mimicking a renal cyst: A case report - Cro. - 7/8/2018

Infective Endocarditis and FUO in a child: A Case Report - Cro. - 9/2018

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6-year-old boy with mesial temporal sclerosis and Miller Fisher syndrome - Cro. - 10/2018

Patient with fever, rash and myalgias - Cro. - 10/2018

Bartonella henselae infection as a cause of fever of unknown origin - Cro. - 11/2018

A patient with fever and hepatosplenomegaly - Engl. - 12/2018

Lyme borreliosis in pregnancy: A case report - Cro. - 1/2019

Severe case of neuroinvasive West Nile virus infection in a patient with a kidney transplant: A case report - Cro. - 1/2019

High fever and abdominal pain in 40-year old man: A case report - Cro. - 2/2019
Fever and neck swelling in 13-month-old girl: A case report - Cro. - 3/2019

Pregnant woman with fever and dry cough: A case study- Engl. - 3/2019

Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome associated with West-Nile virus infection - Cro. - 4/2019 - VIDEO

Hemophagocytic syndrome caused by herpes simplex virus infection (encephalitis): Case report - CRO

Severe viral pneumonia in 17-month-old child: A case report - CRO

Pneumonia in patient with NET: A case report - CRO.-6/2019

Varicella with osteomyelitis: A case report - CRO.-7/2019

Bartonella lymphadenitis: A case report - CRO.-8/2019

Newly diagnosed HIV patient presents with a stroke - ENGL.-9/2019

Yersinia enterocolitica sepsis in patient with diabetes mellitus: A case report - CRO.-10/2019

Campylobacter jejuni meningitis in 17-year-old girl: A case report - CRO.-11/2019

Young patient with fever, night sweats and malaise: a case report of zoonotic disease (CROCMID 2019. Clinical Grand Rounds) - ENGL.-12/2019

Fusobacterium mastoiditis in children: two case reports - CRO.-1/2020

Aseptic meningitis in a young traveller - ENGL.-2/3 2020

Periorbital cellulitis in a child - CRO.-5/6 2020




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Clinical-pathologic conference

The clinical pathologic conference is different from a simple case report. Typical case reports are valuable to highlight unusual presentations of common disorders or classical presentations of rare disorders. In addition to sharing an interesting and informative case report, the CPC also provides insight into clinical problem solving and into the correlation between clinical presentation and pathologic findings. The correlation between pathology and clinical presentation is a key to an improved understanding of infectious diseases.

Dobrava death - Cro. - 3/2018

Bacterial meningitis takes life - Cro. - 5/2018

Weston-Hurst syndrome: a rare fulminant form of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) - Cro. - 10/2018

Life threatening brain abscess - Cro. - 12/2018

Influenca pneumonia and ARDS in morbid obese patient - Engl. - 4/2019

Death in an immunocompromised patient after heart transplantation - Cro. - 12/2019

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Clinical problem solving

A man with slurred speech and changes in behaviour - Engl. - 4/2018

ID doctor's worst fear - Engl. - 5/2018
I look like a Bart Simpson - Engl. - 6/2018

Clostridium difficile infection in the ICU: The Struggle Continues- Engl. - 9/2018
Batteries-not-included - Engl. - 10/2018

17-year old girl with fever and rush (and heart murmur)- Engl. - 12/2018

Two patients with fever and cough - Engl. - 1/2019


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